i think cheryl ate all these pastries...and the milk


free baby with every espresso




water department got style




zuni burger! not bad for a bunch of jokers with foccacia...


elvin checks out the honey pavillion at slow food nation


bees made of wax...whoa


i'm not sure which pavillion this was part of. i hope spirits!


giant espresso tamper at fort mason


we are ready to serve the coffee now


um....bread pavillion


peter g. making friends with the charcuterie people apparently




pay no attention to the men behind the curtain




clover flights


we got a bunch of marquee value, high powered baristas in...as you can tell


bus magic


bus magic does not stop after midnight, it has only just begun


edwin + m-elves


i must have traded some coffee to the pizza guys for this


brent...not a ham at all


baca neither


is this still baca?


jenni calls home


phuong and bagersh at la taqueria +++


final sunset at fort mason




typical sf garbage: two mirror chandeliers and a LOT of prescription drugs


i got asked why i was photographing this


on the other end of my plane, biscuit cat awaits. slow food in her own way.


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