12 feb 00 created log

17-18 jul 00 fully reorganized directory structure and created new picturebook, index and links pages. updated log.

19 jul 00 finished nearly everything, migrated entire website contents from umich to kittyempire. ate indian food with sean. made a point to update log.

20 jul 00 got to work late, updated lots of broken links (thx. dorion, doug, fern, jeff) as well as log.

18 jan 01 was reminded of log by mike. updated log.

14 feb 01 updated links page. thought about updating best of kittycam. updated the log.

23 oct 01 I woke up really early today for some reason, so I uploaded long-demanded photos of house. added photos of summer2001, chudleigh's orchard, and sean and lisa's baby. updated log. planned to update kittycam pages, we'll see.

12 dec 01 updated log. added link to harold hosein's forecast because lise felt weatherpersons of colour were underrepresented. went to krispy kreme at 5am and took lots of pictures and then put them on the web while I ate donuts.

29 jan 02 completely redid the first of many pages here at the empire, specifically the other departments page, and I guess I actually finished the front page the other day, but I would hardly call that work. jeff is making some pork chops right now.

31 jan 02 doug helped me figure out how to code the neat message popups on the picturebook page, just a few hours after i made some delicious green bean casserole. i always use more onions than the recipe calls for, on the top, because the crispy onions are just so good. did lots of technical adjustments, made titles, and walked to the post office in the snow. updated log.

2 feb 02 i need to remember that the titles are done in syntax 24 pt with a 550x50 canvas.

18 may 02 i think i should just have rice for dinner. updated photos. added gardenwatch to home team section. i might update the kittycam pages, you never know.

8 sep 02 well, i finally edited a bunch of pictures so i thought you might want to see them. i am putting up photos of the CNE and sean's birthday, as well as the entire fotohunt collection, and if you're lucky, a gardenwatch for good measure. now i can take a few months off.

13 jan 03 added seven new pages of photos, and a new section of links to the "other departments" page. sometime a few months ago, i redid all of the viewing hole gallery pages, by the way. all of them. that took a long time. anyway, this update is pretty good, and includes the introduction of the new "foot foot head" icon on many pages. actually i did most of the update last night; today i slept in.

08 may 03 well, this morning i had a doctor's appointment where they shined a lot of light in my eyes and pronounced me healthy. later on, i uploaded six new photo albums and tinkered quite a bit with kung tunes. the kittycam has cleared customs and will be collected from purolator courier sometime in the next 18 hours, so with a little luck and a little help from my friends, the kittycam should be back online again tonight with live music updates.

11 nov 03 in the past few days i have broken the kittycam and uploaded a guided by voices interview. also, today i added severalpictures. will lise make me take hers down? only time will tell.

07 jan 04 accidentally deleted the whole casa loma directory like a jackhole. back to the drawing board.

08 jan 04 stayed up til 2:30? 3:00am fiddling with links page, address book, and massive spam to announce 5th anniversary/100th album/new website release (notfoolinganybody.com is no longer simply squatted). went to derek and jessica's. it snowed. ate a brownie.