i rounded up lalitree for breakfast


also john and his hair


stormy sears tower as seen from wishbone


today's theme: the oranges of death


lalitree giving good orange


me giving orange


two girls with fancy cameras visit reflective bean in millennium park: film at 11


lalitree at a particularly fingerprinty part of the bean


me and lalitree in the bean




the gardens at millennium park




why can't other cities use their lakefront landfills so beautifully as chicago?


lalitree at intelligentsia


finally, we arrive at pitchfork. peter appears to be "psyched" about something.


hi bob weston!


hi carrie weston!


and now john will explain to franklin how to give the oranges of death


okay, this is the old heavy metal gesture, right franklin?


well this one is way more metal


the extra glenns: the most heaviest noise you ever heard, man.


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